Working with SQLite DB Tutorial

Creating SQLite DataBase using FireFox Pluggin “SQLite Manager”

First of all install the Firefox having version greater than 3.6.4.

Go to

Click on “Add to FireFox” botton and install the pluggin.

After installing go to “Tools->SQLite Manager” following window will open for you.

It is the UI interface for the SQLite DB manipulation.

Go to “Database->New Database”

Enter Database name.

Select Folder where you want to place your DB.

Now you can do what you want to do with your DB using SQLite Manager.

After creating DB structure you can copy the “dbname.sqlite ” database from your path and paste in the required project.

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3 Responses to Working with SQLite DB Tutorial

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  2. hendra1 says:

    wow a great tool for android developer


  3. Ans says:

    i shared this post with friend of mine and he get help quickly; good farhan;

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